∞∞Simple Service Steps∞∞










Buy Product


If you’ve your own supplier, then you can buy the product yourself and can tell your supplier(s) to deliver the product to our warehouse.







Document Submission

We will give you a ‘Shipping Mark’ which is very important to identify your package. When your supplier deliver goods, we need ‘Packing List’ which contains detail information of your product.









We will inform you when our china office receive your products. We store your packages in our warehouse until shipment









We have two weekly air shipment on every Monday & Thursday and a monthly shipment by sea. For more information, please check out the shipment information section.







Pay Carrying Cost


Our carrying cost depends based on the type(s) of product and it(s) weight. Everything (Freight/ Tax/ Customs Tariff) included in this charge.






Receive Product & Feedback

You’ll receive a text message when shipment is ready to deliver. All you need to pay the carrying costs in times of receiving the products. We appreciate you sharing your overall experience.





  • We have two weekly air shipment on every Monday & Thursday and a monthly shipment by sea.
  • In case of air shipment maximum delivery time is 10 working days and by sea, it’s 40-45 days.
  • If delays happen due to the supplier, the client has to wait for next week for the shipment.
  • According to the International Air Shipment’s rules, the fractions were upgraded to the next round figure. For example 1.50 kg = 2 kg.
  • You need to pay the product’s carrying cost in times of receiving your product from our office.
  • If we source the product(s), you have to pay 100% in advance.
  • You don’t need to pay the carrying or shipping charge(s) in advance.
  • Actual cost will depend on the type(s) of product you’re importing and it’s weight. Normally, low weight product’s carrying cost is high comparing the with high weight product.